Sep 10th, 2013 by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg in Holidays, Prayer, Spiritual Growth
The people of Nineveh committed to fast and pray until God rescinded the decree of destruction. They ended their fast and prayers. How did they know that they were safe?

Jonah was angry that the people of Nineveh were saved. He had not received a prophecy informing him that God had rescinded the decree. How did he know?

They knew. There is such a thing as knowing that our prayers have been accepted.

When I began building my Succah this evening, immediately after Yom Kippur, I realized that I too, know. My Yom Kippur prayers were accepted. My Succah is my statement that I can now live sheltered by the Wings of God; His Divine Presence. It is only because I know that my prayers were accepted. What a feeling!

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