Readings: Parsha Mitzvot-Vaetchanan-Tefillin

Jul 19th, 2013 by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg in 613 Concepts, Portion of the Week
No, you never will bind him

To your signs and your burdens!

The least chink — he’s inside it,

Like the supplest of gymnasts.

By the drawbridges

And flocks in migration,

By the telegraph poles,

God’s escaping us.

No, you never will train him

To abide and to share!

He, in feelings’ resident slush,

Is a gray floe of ice.

No, you never will catch him!

On a thrifty dish, God

Never thrives in the window

Like domestic begonias!

All, beneath the roof’s vault,

We’re awaiting the builder,

The call. Poets and pilots

— All gave up in despair.

He’s the sprint — and he’s moving.

The whole volume of stars

Is, from Alpha to Omega,

Just a trace of his cloak.


by Marina Tsvetaeva

(1892 – 1941) Timeline

English version by

Paul Graves

Original Language


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