Kinah 4- The Hovering Life

Jul 15th, 2013 by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg in Holidays, Prayer, Relationships
This need to spit the world’s sinister truth in its face is as old as the world itself. Robert Musil, “The Man Without Qualities” (One of the most difficult books I’ve ever read): “One can’t resent one’s era without being swiftly punished by it.” Ulrich, the mathematician, is in search of a sense of life and reality but fails to find it. His ambivalence towards morals and indifference to life has brought him to the state of being “a man without qualities,” depending on the outer world to form his character. A kind of keenly analytical passivity is his most typical attitude. His intention is to arrive at a synthesis between strict scientific fact and the mystical, which he refers to as “the hovering life.”

We lose our personal qualities when we depend on others to form our character; we become People Without Qualities.

Read this Tisha b’Av Kinah – Lamentation, based on Ezekiel 23, describing the debate between Shomron and Jerusalem, and you will find that the people of both Judah and the Northern Kingdom were caught up in a game of comparisons – a game, which caused both to lose their better qualities.

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