Kinah 6-The Enemy’s Percussion

Jun 30th, 2013 by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg in Holidays
“My foes applauded while my limbs drooped.” That clapping reminded me of a lecture I recently watched:

Evelyn Glennie, a deaf percussion musician, describes mastering her abilities, as “So all of my performances are based on entirely what I experience, and not by learning a piece of music, putting on someone else’s interpretation of it, buying all the CDs possible of that particular piece of music, and so on and so forth. Because that isn’t giving me enough of something that is so raw and so basic, and something that I can fully experience the journey of.. But it’s meant that acousticians have had to really think about the types of halls they put together. There are so few halls in this world that actually have very good acoustics, dare I say. But by that I mean where you can absolutely do anything you imagine. The tiniest, softest, softest sound to something that is so broad, so huge, so incredible!”

She then had the audience clap, “If I asked you to clap — maybe I can do this. If I can just say, “Please clap and create the sound of thunder.” I’m assuming we’ve all experienced thunder. Now, I don’t mean just the sound; I mean really listen to that thunder within yourselves. And please try to create that through your clapping.”

I suspect that when our enemies clapped it was worse than seeing someone rejoice and laugh at our fall; they turned their laughter into a form of music. Perhaps they made thunder to scare us, or perhaps it was the sound of a simple rainfall.

We had lost our music with the destruction of the Temple. We would no longer hear the beautiful music during the Temple service.

We had lost the music of our prayers; God covered the heavens with clouds to stop our prayers (Lamentations 3:44). The music of the clapping was devastating; our world was silent.

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