There Is A School in Monsey II

Mar 28th, 2012 by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg in Reflections & Observations
I once posted an article, “There is a school in Monsey,” describing the great achievements, awareness, sensitivity and Chesed of Ateres Bais Yaakov in Monsey, NY. They’ve done it again:

While thinking of a nice winter vacation, most of us would come up with destinations such as Florida, or any other sunny place on the globe.

Many of my Ateres eleventh grade students thought differently. They decided to embark on a journey to Ukraine, on a trip organized by the school.

The temperatures dropped to -25F, but they were able to bring warmth to others while gaining tremendous inspiration.

One group of students went to Kiev on a Kiruv mission, where they gave over lessons and led activities at the Orach Chaim School.

Another group headed to Odessa, where for ten days, they slept, ate and lived in the Tikva girls’ orphanage. They witnessed the unfathomable poverty and misery these children come from, and experienced the incredible physical and emotional care that Tikva provides for 250 Jewish children in Ukraine. Overnight, my students became teachers, friends and “Mommies”; they nurtured, they bonded, they danced and sung and played with, they tucked little children into bed and said Shema with them. They forged lasting friendships, they gave and taught and brought smiles on these orphans’ faces.

The Ateres eleventh graders came back transformed. They were inspired beyond words. And they haven’t stopped since. They have tirelessly worked at raising  funds  to enable Tikva to continue doing its incredible work. They organized a fundraiser, produced a video, spoke at different events about what they experienced on their trip to Odessa, they held a bake sale, a raffle, a clothing drive and sent food packages.

To quote one of my students: “These children became my siblings, they are my second family. The feeling of love I experienced is a feeling beyond this world. And they need our help. So many more orphans are still on  the streets of Odessa. Without Tikva, these children are lost Jewish souls. Every single one of them should be given the chance to grow up in a happy, healthy environment. They are the future of the Jewish people. The Hebrew word ‘Tikva’ means hope. That is exactly what the Tikva organization gives to those children.”

With hope, and best wishes for a Chag Kasher V’Sameach,

Sarah Salvay,

Eleventh Grade Mechaneches,

Ateres Bais Yaakov

To learn more about Tikva, you can visit

Checks can be made out to Tikva corp. and mailed to Tikva c/o Salvay, 11 Pasadena Pl. Spring Valley, NY, 10977

(Tax ID # 223 779 212)

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