Sound Bites: Beautiful Words

Sep 18th, 2011 by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg in Prayer
Sound Waves

Sound Waves

“Naftali is a hind let loose who delivers beautiful sayings.” (Genesis 49:21 Beautiful sayings is “Imrei Shafer”. We again find the word shofar associated with beauty. (See Soundbites 1 & 2)

The Panim Yafot (Genesis 49) explains the verse using the words of Isaiah: “ The Lord said: inasmuch as this people has drawn close, with its mouth and with its lips it has honored Me, yet it has distanced its heart from Me – their fear of Me is like rote learning of human commands.” (Isaiah 29:13) Isaiah reminds us that prayer without awareness and commitment to our words is like a body without a soul.

He continues; When is Naftali compared to a hind let loose and free? Only when he delivers beautiful sayings – Imrei Shafer.

The Shofar reminds us that in order for our words to have “shafer” – beauty – they must come from the heart. The Shofar blast from deep inside the one who blows in an expression of his whole being in the blast.

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  • moshe stepansky

    See El-Ad’s current ‘Na’aseh v’Nishma’ about the benefits of learning the ‘Chok l’Yisrael’.

    In today’s (P’ Nitzavim Yom Sheini) portion of the Holy Zohar it is brought down :” Ashrei Ha’Am yod’ei t’ru’ah”-how fortunate are the People who know the secret of t’ru’ah (T’hillim 89). The Master of the Zohar exposits – note the verse didn’t say “tok’ei”-the People who SOUND the t’ru’ah, but “yod’ei”who know the secret of the t’ru’ah.

    He intimates the tzibbur should seek a person with the ability to lead them with the sound of the t’ru’ah -someone who KNOWS how to align the People’s prayers to the Creator,who KNOWS how to bring the world together on this awesome Day with the sound of the Shofar.

    The qualifications of such a person should be apparent to all:A person of complete middot, of sterling quality, who knows the paths of the Holy King,the Honor,Glory and Appreciation of the King. Such a person will intercede on their behalf thru prayer by summoning the sound of the Shofar to pierce all the worlds utilizing heartfelt focus, wisdom,intent and being as One with HaShem (sh’leimut) to completely remove the DIN (harsh judgement)from the world.

    The Din rests upon the People, and when their representative is meritorious, as above,- how fortunate are They, that their harsh judgments have been rescinded thru his efforts.

    The People are indeed ‘yod’ei t’ru’ah’. In P’ B’Ha’lot’cha (B’Midbar ch.10 v.1-10) the sounding of the T’ru’ah is used in 2 instances:
    1.As a sign for the encampment to begin a journey,
    2.As a cry to battle. Particularly striking is verse 9 that could be applied to Rosh HaShanah (free translation):When battle is upon you, with the enemy who besieges you,you shall sound the T’ru’ah, and you will be remembered before HaShem, your G-d and you will be saved from your adversaries.

    Ultimately,the sounder of the T’ru’ah is mobilizing the People to MOVE and BE MOVED TO DO BATTLE, so HaShem will remember us and remove our adversaries.(Zichron T’ru’ah?)


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