R’ Shlomo on Bo’ee B’Shalom – The Transition Into Shabbos

Aug 5th, 2011 by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg in Holidays, Prayer
Every Shabbos is “m’ein Olam Habbah” – a taste of the World to Come. Kabbalas Shabbos, Friday night, are transitional prayers helping us move from the weekdays into Shabbos.

[The following transcription is copyrighted material belonging to Reb Shlomo’s family. It is presented here in the context of our parsha learning. Transcibed from L’kovod 
Shabbos by Reb Shlomo Carlebach zt”l. The Hebrew words are transcribed phonetically, conveying Reb Shlomo’s pronunciation.]


Okay my beautiful friends brothers and sisters 
you know when it comes to Bo’ee V’Sholom 
we are turning over our hearts our souls 
we’re turning back and I hope 
most of you all of you have been in a beautiful synagogoue 
where people daaven with all their hearts 
by Bo’ee V’sholom 
such a special moment 
everyone turns around and looks back

and here I want to share with you two Toirehs (teachings) 
one is from Reb Tzoddock HaKoihein

you know friends, do you know the difference 
between going for a walk and moving out? 
it’s very simple

imagine I go for a walk and someone says to me 
”Hey you forgot your furniture in your house.” 
I say “I’m not moving out I’m just going for a walk.” 
but if I move out and someone says to me 
”Hey you forgot something.” I’m going back

the beginning of the service 
you know G-d makes it so easy on us 
G-d wants so much but He makes it so easy 
at the beginning it says “L’chu neranena” 
”Hey Moisheleh Channaleh Rivkeleh 
how about going for a walk into Shabbos?”

so until this moment we’re just walking around in Shabbos 
but after L’cho Doidi I don’t ever want to go back 
I don’t ever want to sink again 
in lies and materialism, competition and pettiness

I say “Master of the World, I’m moving into Shabbos 
”Oh? You’re moving? You better look back maybe you forgot something?” 
so I’m turning around

and here is Reb Tzaddok HaKohen’s Toireh 
I’m turning around and I realize 
”Oy! There’s so many things I didn’t fix yet!” 
my past is so heavy 
how can I take it into Shabbos?

But here Reb Tzuddik Hakoihen says 
and it’s so special because at this Toireh he says 
”I received it from all the great Kabbalists of the world – 
this is what they say”

“how long does it take to fix your past? 
how long does it take to fix anything?”

“Yes, if I fix it, it might take a hundred lifetimes 
but Shabbos 
I’m not permitted to do anything 
on Shabbos I’m just giving it over to G-d

so Reb Tzuddik Hakoihen says 
I’m turning around and I bow down 
and I say “Master of the World, I can’t fix my past 
can You please fix my past?” 
and I’m bowing down to say to G-d 
”Master of the World I can’t fix it 
only You can fix it!”

then on my right I turn again and I say 
”Master of the World what’s so good about my present? 
Do I really know how to take care of my present?”

you know my beautiful friends sometimes people ask for something 
and we answer the most stupid answer in the world 
because we don’t even know what they were asking us 
we make so many mistakes

you know how much we need G-d to help us every split second 
every time we open our mouths we have to pray a 1000 times 
”Master of the World, let me say the right word.”

you know friends we don’t even known who a true friend is 
we don’t know who really loves us the most 
if G-d doesn’t open our eyes 
we’ll never see it 
so I bow down again I say “Master of the World 
can You shine into me THE LIGHT OF Shabbos 
so my present should be the way… Paradise like 
the way You want it to be

but then my beautiful friends do you know the difference between 
G-d soap and the soap you buy at Woolworth’s? . . . very simple

ordinary soap 
can only wash you clean from dirt you have already on 
but for the future 
if you want to get dirty the soap can’t help you

G-d soap, Shabbesdikke soap can even prevent 
that you’ll ever, ever be dirty again 
that you’ll ever be low again

so I bow down one more time 
and say “Master of the World, surround me with so much light of Shabbos 
that even my future will be so holy 
. . .

okay one more thing my beautiful friends 
most people if you ask them how was your past life

ay they begin to ‘krechtz’ to complain to say oy it’s so bad 
hopefully in the future it’ll be better

then I’ll ask them what about your present life 
they’ll say ‘oy vey’ I hope tomorrow will be better

then sometimes I ask them what’s about the future 
(some say) “the future, what future, when future, there is no future”

I want you to know what a real Jew is 
what a real yid is

by Lecho Dodi when I receive Sahbbos 
I turn around and look at my past life 
and I bow down before the One 
before the only One (and I say) 
Ah, life is so beautiful 
thank you for everything

then I turn around on my right side and look at my present 
Ribboinoi shel Oilam how do I deserve such a beautiful present 
everything is so good

I want you to know, Reb Nachman says 
why are you krechtzing, why are you so sad 
because everything is wrong 
but everything is only wrong because you’re so sad

so on Friday night I want to fix my life 
I want to fix the world

so the first thing 
I bow down to my past I say Master of the World 
thank you so much thank you so much 
my life is so beautiful and so deep

and Master of the World 
let me taste my present life 
let me taste every second the depth the holiness the sweetness 
that You’re the Master of the World

and then I say Master of the World give me 
give me give me a clear prophecy give me a clear vision 
to see how beautiful the future is.