Hands and Feet

Feb 17th, 2011 by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg in Portion of the Week
“From it, Aaron and his sons shall wash their hands together with their feet.” Rashi, based on the Gemara in Zevachim 19b, explains that the Cohen places his right hand on his right foot and washes them and then follows the same procedure with his left hand and foot.

We can picture the image of the Cohen bowing before the Kiyor – the Laver – in order to sanctify his hands and feet before serving in the Holy Temple.

Why must he sanctify both hands and feet at the same time? Why not hands and then feet? It would be simpler and certainly more dignified than crouching before the Kiyor?

The way I run or walk to perform a Mitzvah is an equal part of the Mitzvah. I will run to synagogue to pray if I truly believe that I am about to have a private audience with the creator of the world.

I will run to wash my hands before eating bread if I understand the power of Netilat Yadaim.

I will run with my feet, and I will act with humility, crouched down as a crawling baby, before performing a Mitzvah.

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