BNN Special Report: Moshe’s Ruling

Jan 30th, 2011 by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg in Portion of the Week
This is the BNN reporting to you live from the Sinai Desert, today, the 26th of Shevat:

The area just outside the Mishkan courtyard is silent as all wait for the Sanhedrin’s (Supreme Court) ruling on today’s question. We happily participated in contributing material and work toward constructing the Mishkan, and were ecstatic to witness our success when God’s Presence filled the structure. Many of us, who are not Cohanim or Leviim, are desperate to see the inside of the building, the Holy and the Holy of Holies. Those who were purified and participated in making an offering stood before the Altar, but could not even peek inside because of the beautiful curtain. The BNN, the Biblical News Network, requested that Moshe allow a remote controlled video camera inside the Mishkan, even the Holy of Holies, so they could broadcast an “Insider’s View of the Mishkan.” ‘Eliyahu’s Manna Preparation Kitchen’ and ‘Shirel’s Water Delivery’ have offered to sponsor the special. Eli-Chai will be narrating the broadcast, based on a script written by Esther Biel.

Moshe and Aaron are stepping toward the mic to announce their decision. “The Sanhedrin has ruled that a camera and microphone manufactured under the strictest laws of purity, supervised by The Foundation Stone, will be allowed into the Mishkan, even the Holy of Holies. The BNN can broadcast the special on Rosh Chodesh. Commentary and explanations will be provided by David Avraham Solomon.”

“We, the members of the Sanhedrin, urge all to purify themselves in preparation for the BNN Special Report. Although you will be watching the broadcast on your computers, we feel that it is important that you treat this broadcast with the highest respect. The better your preparations; the more you will gain. Please dress in your Shabbat clothes and do not eat, drink, or speak during the broadcast.”

“The filming will not take place during the actual Service.”

“You will be able to email your questions during the broadcast to Moshe’s email: Thank You.”

“Rebbi,” called out one of the reporters, “how will the camera be able to enter the Holy of Holies?”

Moshe smiled, “we’ll see.”

We hope you will all tune in on Rosh Chodesh for the BNN Special Report: An Insider’s View of the Mishkan.

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