Computer Glitch: From The Diary of a Former Slave

Dec 21st, 2010 by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg in Portion of the Week

A Problem in Egypt

My wife has been pestering me for years to switch from a PC to an Apple, and now I see she’s right! Unfortunately, since we, the Children of Israel, decided to finance our Patriotism Project To Honor Pharaoh, my taxes are so steep that it will be a while before I can afford to buy a new computer.

I mentioned earlier (Loyalty Oath) that I, who graduated at the top of the Egyptian University of Architecture, expected to play an important role in designing our project. When I arrived at the new work site to receive my assignment from Pharaoh’s representatives, I was shocked to see that the site selected by Pharaoh was unstable. Any construction would soon sink, but, as they say, “No worries,” as a senior architect I will be able to point out the potential disaster.

I arrived at the assignment desk, proudly presenting my diplomas and certifications. “Your work number is 1,654,372, and you are in Group 4356,” the rude, stupid, and arrogant, Egyptian officer said brusquely. “Excuse me, honored sir,” I said, “Is that the design group?”

“No,” he sneered, “it’s the cleanup crew.”

“Well, there must be some mistake on your computer. I am one of the top architects in the country, if not the world.”

“Is that so,” he asked, “let me check my computer. I see your name. You’re right! You are in Group 2765, latrine digging duty. Next!”

That’s what happens when you use a PC instead of an Apple.

I began to protest, but an Egyptian armed with a whip let me know that I had to immediately get to work.

I was fuming, and I was not the only one! Every member of my group was a professional. We had doctors, lawyers, and one person who deserved latrine detail; a PC designer. I’ll have to do something about this mix up.

To whom shall I complain?

My wife?

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