A Woman’s Perspective: From The Diary of a Former Slave

Dec 21st, 2010 by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg in Portion of the Week

A Woman's Perspective

I, former super architect, now latrine digger (Computer Glitch), came home filthy and depressed. More depressed than dirty, and, I was covered with mud, physically and emotionally. I had danced and sang on my wife to our Patriotic Project, only to be crushed. The expected “I told you so” came, not about Apple vs PC, but about the entire project: “Did you really believe that Pharaoh cared about your project? All your wives warned you against this crazy idea.”

I was ready to explode in anger and frustration, but realized that me wife looked gorgeous. She was freshly showered, made-up, and was wearing my favorite, “Nefertiti” perfume. The table was set with delicious fish as if today was a special day. I decided to do my kvetching after I ate.

“Did you go to the project today?” I asked.

“Of course,” my wife said, “I did what you asked.”

“What’s your assignment,” I asked, “some kind of ladies work, I expect.”

“I’m the senior brick layer,” she said, “and I’m exhausted.”

“How can they give a woman such heavy work? It’s a man’s job!”

“Figure it out, honey,” she softly said. “They are giving everyone work for which they are not fit or trained.”

“So, how do you look so spectacular?”

“Because I want you to come home and find your wife as you expect. I will not change.”

“Where did you get the fish? We have no money.”

“Believe it or not, they came up in my bucket when I drew water from our well. There are still good things happening! You can thank God when you go to synagogue on Shabbat.”

“Thank God??? Are you crazy? Look at what He did to us!”

“Sweetheart, you did this to yourselves with your crazy project. Don’t let go of God. He is your only way out!”


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