Loyalty Oath: From The Diary of A Former Slave

Dec 20th, 2010 by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg in Portion of the Week

Loyalty Oath

The BNN, the Biblical News Network, has uncovered more pages of the diary of a former slave. These pages are older than those we found last year( See “Things Are Changing,” “Signposts,” “No Lice,” “A Trip To The Royal Zoo,” “Being A Fool,” “The Way They Saw Us,” “Hail To The King,” “Sorry,” “Highs & Lows,” & “Remaining Connected.”) They seem to be collected from the former slave’s grandfather:

Since the change in government, authorities have been looking at us differently. At first, we couldn’t point to anything specific, but then, the Egyptian Department of Education removed all references to Tzafnat Pa’aneiach (aka Joseph) from history textbooks. It wasn’t long before the Department of Monuments, when removing all memorials to the previous Pharaoh removed all monuments honoring Tzafnat Pa’aneiach and Jacob, his father, and trips to Goshen, from the itinerary of all Egyptian tours.

We wanted to believe that this was simply part of the adjustment to a new Pharaoh. We were proud citizens of this great empire, and did not want to make any political statements that could lead to loyalty questions. The questions came anyway. All my friends are reporting that when they apply for travel documents for business trips, they are asked whether they plan to return to Egypt. It seems as if government officials suspect that we plan to emigrate from the country that has been our home for almost a century. It’s got to be the fault of those fanatical Levites who are always speaking to us about returning to Canaan, and some kind of promise from God that He will redeem us! Who but those crazies even thinks about Canaan other than a place to do business? Who needs redemption? We live quite well here in Goshen, thank you.

I do remember my father of blessed memory repeating tales of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and a covenant with God. But those were Shabbat stories shared as the family gathered to relax. They have no significance for me.

It wasn’t long before our Egyptian neighbors began to look at us differently as well. We have become “others,” in our country. We had some community meetings and decided that we would make a effort to display our patriotism and loyalty to Pharaoh and Egypt. Rumor has it that Pharaoh is searching for volunteers to build a few extravagant treasure cities. We decided to offer the entire Jewish community to participate in this program. The entire community, that is, save for the Levites. They insist that it is a huge political error, fraught with risk. All they’re doing is making things worse. We will have to work extra hard at proving that they are the exception; not the rule.

Pharaoh’s representatives seem thrilled by our offer. Of course, they insist that Pharaoh choose the location for his new work projects, and that his representatives organize the work schedules and assignments. We felt that under the current circumstances and the cloud of suspicion, we could not refuse. After all, Pharaoh’s requests seem perfectly reasonable.

The king, in his great wisdom, understands why this project is so important to our community and has offered that it be our project alone; only members of the House of Israel will participate.

The government has placed huge signs all over Pithom and Ramses announcing Israel’s project. We hope that people will begin to accept us as they did in the past and stop treating us as outsiders.

Those crazy Levites insist that the projects will only serve to further separate us from other citizens. “You’ll see,” they say, “Egyptians will resent your ‘more Egyptian than you’ mindset!” As I said, those Levites are only a source of problems. Rabbis!

The project managers, I must say, appointed by us, met with Pharaoh’s Planning Commission, and agreed that, since these are to be Israel’s projects, we should assume full financial responsibility. A reasonable request.

Everyone is excited about tomorrow when we will have our first opportunity to view the worksites and receive our assignments. I have been an architect all my life, so I am sure that I will be on the architectural committee. Perhaps I will be one of those chosen to present the plans to Pharaoh himself. I’ll be wealthy, and won’t have to worry about the new taxes that will finance the project.

This is fantastic. I can’t wait to describe all the wonderful things that will develop for us from this plan. Perhaps those Levites will finally learn their lesson!

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