Royal Parade

Nov 30th, 2010 by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg in Portion of the Week
President Obama had a nightmare about the economy and the only person who can interpret the dream to his satisfaction is sitting in Federal prison. The president is so thrilled with the interpretation that he appoints the young man as the Economic Czar and has him paraded him through New York’s Fifth Ave. to be introduced to the country. Would you attend?

I wouldn’t. The times were different. People worshipped Pharaoh. What exactly happened? Did the BNN report the new Czar telling everyone about the parade? The text seems to say that Pharaoh simply sent Joseph down Fifth Ave in an open chariot with the PA system announcing & introducing the young ex-con/slave who would be in charge of their future.

His official title is: “He may be young, but he’s really smart!”. Not especially reassuring.

What was Pharaoh thinking? It certainly didn’t work: Joseph collected taxes for seven years, but when they were hungry the people went to Pharaoh, not Joseph. Why?

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