Why Did You Get Married? by Rav Moshe Stepansky

Nov 19th, 2010 by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg in Portion of the Week, Relationships
My good friend, the holy rebbi and Ba’al Tefillah, Rav Moshe Stepansky offered the following in response to “Abtu & Anet, Zaratan & Quilp“:

Here’s a good Rav Amital story:

Once at a wedding Rav Amital approaches one of the collelnikim present and asks him “Do you know why you got married?”.

Not really the type of question you’d expect.

So the collelnik fumphs and Rav Amital answers his rhetorical question:

“You are one of our top collelnikim and one day you’ll be a Rav someplace. People will tell you and speak about you as the ‘great Rav so-and-so’ AND you’ll actually begin to believe them.

But then you’ll come home and your wife will remind you who you REALLY are.


So, one of the fascinating things about Ya’akov Avinu is he is called ‘ Ish HaEmet’ the Man of Truth, which SEEMS to be at odds with so  many aspects of the Khumash narrative. Perhaps we have to view this in light of my suggestion that HaKol Kol Ya’akov v’HaYayim y’dei Eisav indicates Ya’akov’s internal essence always remains pure but when the hour requires it he puts on the y’dei Eisav.

The Holy Saraf, R’ Uri Strelisker lived by the dictum “The greatest challenge is to know what to do NOW.