Learning How To Stand Up To A Bully

Nov 10th, 2010 by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg in Portion of the Week, Reflections & Observations, Relationships
My life has drastically changed over the past twenty years. I have made important, transformative choices that have affected very aspect of my life.

My relationships changed as a consequence of those choices. I became a different person and began looking for relationships that would reflect those changes. And yet…

There are times I find myself missing some of those old relationships. It is hard to let go even when there is clarity of purpose and a commitment to integrity.

Rachel observed her husband and understood that although he acted with clarity of purpose, he was still bothered by accusations of being a ‘Yaakov,” a trickster. Laban did not allow his son-in-law to forget Jacob’s ‘theft’ of Eisav’s blessings.

Jacob had changed and moved on, but the tentacles of the past inhibited him from being completely himself. So, Rachel decided to force a confrontation between her husband and father. She stole Laban’s idols, knowing full well that he would accuse Jacob.

It took time for Jacob to stand up to Laban. He first allowed him to search through all his things. Finally, he stood up and fought for his reputation, proving his honesty and integrity. Jacob was free of the accusations of the past, and now, only now, was he prepared to confront his most dangerous enemy of all, his brother.

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