Moses Signed My Bible

Dec 22nd, 2009 by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg in Reflections & Observations
The most recent issue of Forbes magazine has an article about autographed first editions. Many can be found on ebay, but the greatest one of all, can be found right here on The Foundation Stone Blog! Moses signed my bible!

I can already see Rabbi Moshe Stepansky’s response: “Good for you! God signed mine!”

He will be right, of course, but he probably won’t put his up for auction.

The Holy Reb Moshe, will also argue that it is impossible to find Moshe’s signature anywhere on my bible; he was, of course, too humble, and would not take any credit for the bible.

But, I will tell you, without any doubt, that whenever I open my bible, I have absolute clarity that I am studying with Moshe Rabbeinu. His signature may not really be there, but he is, in each and every word. When I study Chumash, I am sitting with Moshe before God and learning and receiving the gift of Torah.

Can there be a greater thrill? I doubt it. You are welcome to join me.

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