Rav Kook: A World That Is Clearly Seen Part Two – Presented by Yaacov Dovid Shulman

Nov 5th, 2009 by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg in Spiritual Growth
These matters grow ever more profound. At last, even sensations of physical pain grow still and their sharpness is removed. And when [this] concept grows [yet] stronger, they even become pleasurable.

However, this line cannot proceed to its end. [This] account must squeeze [dry] its measure, and realize that being is happiness and existence is good. As a result of this awareness, every suffering and pain is [again] viewed in accordance with its usual place and consensus meaning. But we still actually see that all evil in the world is nothing less a diminished good in relation to the outcry for the abundant good.

An insightful gaze into every exceedingly refined part of goodness–which is even found in evil–reveals the light of truth in existence. And we see that all God did is good, very good.

And [we can say the following in regard to] the moral evil in the world. If not for the longed-for goodness that will raise everything to full goodness (and this is the goodness that is coming into being, the goodness that is rising, that is blossoming, goodness in itself, original, goodness whose foundation and whose goodness are contained within it and gush from it in its original source)–if not for this hidden happiness, our eye would see that even moral evil is none other than reduced goodness, and that all evil is none other than diminished charity.

However, if this were to be seen, the desire to ascend would cease to exist. And then the world would be desolate of its happiness and elevation. Therefore, we do see the evil of moral evil. This [more limited viewpoint], when [we see] goodness reduced, is also a refining of the structures of truth. And it is accompanied by a limitation of all structures of evil, all sufferings and pain, all disgrace and all diminution, which have come in consequence of sin.

[Ultimately,] with the improvement of the spirit, with the permanence of the desire for an elevation that does not cease from its very essence, there is no fear of any evil. Automatically, the world and all its fullness are seen with their full goodness in the foundation of their broad and full existence. The tree of knowledge of good and evil is completely transformed into the tree of life–from the depths of its roots when it absorbs its nutrition to the height of its crown, its buds, leaves and blossoms. “Its fruit will be for food and its leaf for healing.”

This supernal view of goodness is viewed by the soul of the soul of the Torah, which sends its sparks in a hidden manner to all who cling to the lights of God, who desire the glory of God, who say, “May the name of God be magnified beyond every label and word, beyond every speech, expression and utterance, beyond every thought and conception.”

“To You, silence is praise.” “Give thanks to God, for He is good, for His kindness endures forever.”

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