A New Adventure or Why I have a Problem With Sam Glaser’s Hallel

Oct 1st, 2009 by admin in Prayer
My very good friend and role model of prayer, Sam Glaser recently produced an album with his Hallel. (You can find it at Sam Glaser: Glaser Musicworks: www.samglaser.com) I love it. I love singing the Hallel along with him. I am convinced that Reb Sam found the perfect tunes to match the powerful words of King David. His tunes help me sing the Hallel in a way that no other tunes can. I have sung Reb Sam’s Hallel so many times that I finally can remember his tunes.

But, I have a problem: Whenever we reach the Hallel in davening, I find myself singing all the old tunes out of habit and can’t seem to recall any of Reb Sam’s tunes. It is so frustrating! I want to sing Reb Sam’s Hallel. I plan on singing his tunes, but when the time comes, I find myself singing all the old tunes. (I guess I should fly Reb Sam out whenever I need to sing Hallel.)

I suspect that I am not alone in singing Hallel in habit rather than spontaneous joy. The purpose of this book is to help me, and, hopefully, you, learn new forms of Hallel and achieve new levels each time we open with Halleluyah.

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