A Child’s Tisha B’Av Prayer

Jul 31st, 2009 by admin in Spiritual Growth
It was Tisha B’Av morning, I was sitting on the floor, saying the Morning Blessings. Meira, our three year old daughter, runs into the living-room and stops short.

“Mommy,” she asks. “Why did you break the couch? Why did you take the cushions off the couch, and put them on the floor?”

And so, I explain to her that today is Tisha B’Av, and we sit closer to the floor because we are sad. We remember the Bais Hamikdash that was destroyed.

“Well, who broke the Bais Hamikdash?”, she wonders.

“The Romans destroyed the Second Temple. We were not being nice to each other, and Hashem decided to burn down His House, and so He sent the Romans to do it”, I answer.

I expected her to go, and find some toys to play with. Instead, she climbs up to the back of the couch and onto the windowsill. She looks out the window and says: “ Oh! Here. I see Hashem in that cloud.” And she calls out with some indignation: “Hashem! Why did You let the bad guys break the Bais Hamikdash?” She continues excitedly: “I know that there is a new Bais Hamikdash in the sky, and You are also in the sky. So, can You please get it down for us? Thank You!”

With a smile on her face, she jumps from the windowsill to the couch, and clambers down to go about her three year old business.

I am still sitting with my opened Siddur in my hands. And I wonder if I will ever be able to pray like my three year old daughter.