Notes of Daat Tevunot Class July 7, 09

Jul 2nd, 2009 by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg in Spiritual Growth
There is a special gift of satisfaction, which we request as part of the Shabbat and Holy Day Prayers: V’sabeinu MiTuvecha – Satisfy us from Your Best – Our souls are desperate to reconnect with their source and cannot find satisfaction without that connection. This is why the generation of the desert, despite all their gifts, could not find satisfaction. Our Souls must integrate with our Sechel to be whole.

We discuss Creation from God’s perspective: Yecholet – Ability and Chuko – His Nature, and we then discuss Creation from the perspective of the Nivrah – The Created Being. Chochma is used when discussing the needs of the creations.

The Divine Ratzon – Will was for a creation that could master itself and achieve perfection. That Will can only be perfectly satisfied with a creation that lacks Shleimut/Perfection and has an opportunity to achieve it for itself.

Therefore, the Creation is PERFECTLY matched to the Ratzon/Will processed through Machashava/Thought.

God’s Yecholet?Ability and Chuko/Nature are part of the Creation, therefore it expanded, bit Olamo – The world as we know it, and Shamayim – The System as governed by through the Transcendental Forces and Angels in Heaven, expanded until stopped. Their nature is to expand.

Whenever we limit ourselves we are experiencing the “Stop!” of Shadai.

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