Da’at Tevunot Class Notes 6-24-09

Jun 24th, 2009 by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg in Spiritual Growth
We began on the bottoms of pages 20-24 in The Knowing Heart

The Neshama/Soul did not ask anything about the Sechel/Intellect’s previous introduction, and did not even ask why another introduction was necessary.

The Sechel introduces essential concepts:

Yecholet: Ability

Chuko: God’s Nature and The Nature of God’s Tov/Good

Chochma: Wisdom as applied to creations. Lower level than Yecholet/Chuko

Tzitzum/Constraint is taught as “K’eeloo” – As IF – it is not reality. The nature of the world is a full expression of Hashem’s Tov and Shleimut. (See Sefer Hakelalim : Rishonim #2, Klalei Sefer Milchemet Moshe Klal#2)

Ratzon: Divine (Unlimited) Will

Machashava is NOT Wisdom/Chochma it is a higher level to express Ratzon.

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