Misreadings or Catch Me If You Can

Jun 18th, 2009 by Rabbi Simcha Weinberg in Spiritual Growth, What is the Reason?
I had a great idea for a column on my blog: “No statute has ever been put up to a critic” Sibelius was supposed to have said. What a wonderful opportunity to write about my “What is The Reason?” Column on my website. I had an entire essay mapped out in my head about how the statutes of Judaism have all been tested by numerous critics and yet have stood the test of time and criticism. The only problem is that the quote I read was a misprint: What Sibelius actually, or supposedly said was that “No Statue has ever been put up to a critic.” Oh well! There goes another great idea. I should have realized that it was a misprint the minute I read the quote, but, as we all know, the mind works in mysterious ways, especially when it thinks it has an idea for an essay. I read what I wanted to read, leapt to a conclusion and then soared with an idea, that alas, was not quite true.

The misreading made me consider whether my mind is reliable enough to trust as I study and write. I decided that Misreadings aside, I should trust my mind enough to write a short essay and trust my readers to catch my mistakes.

I am generally more excited about the comments to my articles, blogs and essays than I am to write them. My goal is to generate discussion and intellectual involvement in Judaism and spirituality.

I now have an added incentive to wait for your comments: I count on you to catch my mistakes. I thank you in advance.

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